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    Wrought Iron Fence

    Wrought Iron Fence Houston

    Nothing conveys strength and luxury around your property than a wrought iron fence. When you want your home protected and showcased at the same time, consider this time honored metal. We have the equipment and experience in forging to create unique and stately designs.

    A Prestige Material
    When you install iron fences and gates, you send a strong signal to would-be intruders that your property is fully protected. It is a very effective deterrent. At the same time, it can also be a thing of beauty. The custom work we do for you will convey a sense of style and enhance your property’s looks. Each timeless design of posts, pickets, spikes, scrolls and fleurs-de-lis is unique to the project.

    What is Wrought Iron?

    Contrary to the name, a wrought iron fence is not made of pure iron for practical reasons. It is made of what is known as “mild” steel, but the material is “wrought” – or worked – the way iron traditionally has been for centuries. Today the forging process is done both by hand and by special machines in our shop. We create the design, measure precisely, superheat the material and then roll, twist and flatten it. Then we weld the parts together to create your fencing, railing or gates.

    The Strength of Galvanized Steel

    We use the finest base material available for outdoor use—factory-galvanized tubular steel. This is actually galvanized both inside and out. We do this because it fights the biggest enemy of outdoor metal: rust. Our steel is primed and painted black for the longest-lasting finished product.

    Create a Unique Fence and Gate Design
    Our hand forged scrollwork means you can accent your fencing with one-of-a kind accents. We can also create complementary hand rails and stair rails for your home or business. In fact, we have created interior home accents such as bed headboards out of leftover wrought iron fence. We do it because we treat each project as a work of art, not just a job.

    Painting vs. Powder Coating

    We do not powder coat our products because it simply doesn’t last as long as priming and painting. In fact, it creates a maintenance headache. Any outdoor metal finish will eventually chip or crack in time. That is a given. You cannot paint over powder coating; you have to sandblast and then refinish it – a very long and messy process. Repainting is very easy and we make it cost effective. It’s only about $150 to repaint a typical driveway gate.

    Security with Style

    When you choose a wrought iron fence, you are selecting a prestigious way to add curb appeal and mark your property. While it is not a budget material, it will last a lifetime – much longer than aluminum, PVC and wood. And in most cases it requires only repainting to stay strong.

    Iron Fence Installation Cypress, TXIs a Wrought Iron Fence for You?
    That depends on your goals. Do you want to send a message that your property is accessible by invitation only? Do you want to show off your home and land? Then it is an excellent choice. The spacing of the pickets is wide enough to see who is outside but close enough to keep unwanted intruders and animals out. If privacy is a concern, talk to us about decorative screening to go over it.

    Expert Installation

    Whether we are adding a wrought iron fence or also adding an automatic gate, you can expect top quality in everything we do:

    We will secure any permitting needed and locate underground utility lines.
    Our fencing installers take the time to measure your property carefully and set the posts just right in the grade.

    We will help you create the right design for you and then provide you with a CAD drawing to approve before installation. You will be able to see clearly what you will be getting.

    We are a licensed and insured wrought iron fencing contractor and have been doing this work for two decades. The job is never considered done until you are satisfied with it. Call now and get a free estimate on wrought iron fence in Houston, Cypress, Katy and all surrounding areas in Texas.

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