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    Spiral Staircase

    Spiral Staircase Houston

    If you want maximum style in minimal space, call us about installing a spiral staircase. It will make a rooftop deck or an attic more accessible, and lend an element of sophistication inside or out. Whether your reasons are practical or aesthetic, give us a call for wrought iron steps and hand forged scroll work.

    The spiral staircase has been around since the 5th century, but until fairly recently, wood was the only practical option. Modern metal working now makes it possible to fashion a gracefully curved stairway and hand rails out of metal. These can be accented with wood, tile and other materials. When you turn to us to make your stairs, you will get a high level of professional care and top quality materials. We will help you find the best and most stable place to put them, and let you know if there are any constraints.

    A Great Space-saver

    The major appeal of a spiral staircase is its compact nature. The steps radiate outward from a sturdy center pole that is fixed into the ground or floor, and above in the ceiling or an outdoor landing. It may also be reinforced against a nearby wall. This type of stairway can take up as few as 5 feet in diameter, or be much wider to add more drama.

    Spiral Staircase Installation

    A spiral staircase adds instant visual interest to your home or business. Its curved lines are suggestive of nature and serenity – like a flower or a nautilus shell. When placed inside, it adds an organic feel to a sterile looking room. It nicely breaks up angular or box-like spaces, and neatly joins the main floor with a loft or attic.
    Outside, they can be an attractive yet practical backup to an elevator or front stairway. They can create a private entrance to shared quarters. Best of all, they don’t require the excavation and expense of a conventional set of stairs. We can also create balconies, galleries and hand rails to match.

    Choose Your Design
    Architectural Fabricators specializes in wrought iron creations. Malleable when heated and rock-solid when cooled, this alloy allows for great artistic license. With 20 years of experience as fabricators, we can create a custom spiral staircase that enhances the lines and style of your home. Design possibilities are almost endless.

    -Random, Art Deco-like swirls
    -Clean geometric patterns
    -Hand forged scroll work including C- and S-curves

    Straight or twisted pickets with accents like open baskets, flowers, fleurs-de-lis and knuckles

    The treads – the place you put your feet – can be made of textured metal or another finish that is slip-resistant.

    Wrought Iron Staircase Installation Cypress, TX

    Staircase Ideas

    Do you have an idea for a spiral staircase in your head but you’re not exactly an artist? Have you found a blueprint online but are too afraid to buy a kit and do it yourself? (A wise idea, given the complex construction). Relax! Our design team, assisted by CAD drawings, ensures that your idea will take shape exactly the way you want it to. You will approve it before any work begins. And then we will install it to the highest standards and local building codes.

    We can add any accessories you may want inside or out: matching balcony railings, a wrought iron fence, window bars, and optional security gates to prevent unauthorized access. Our railing and gate design techniques are unique to every customer and always keep safety at the forefront.

    Trust a Professional Staircase Fabricator

    Many companies claim to be skilled at creating a spiral staircase, but we see a lot of mistakes out there – errors that can be dangerous to users. Unless the assembly is made of top quality welded metal and measured with precision, the tension could be off. Pickets must be straight and evenly spaced; the angle of the treads must be exact; the welds and joints must be perfect.

    That precision is another reason that a spiral staircase is not a do-it-yourself project. We can create one very cost-effectively for you – it doesn’t need to be elaborate. If you want one to get you from point A to point B, we are happy to assist you.

    No matter what type we fabricate, we know you will be pleased with the results. We put the same level of attention and exacting standards to work. As a result, we have never had a customer complaint. We’re proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List recommendations.

    Call now for a free estimate on a spiral staircase in Houston, Cypress, Katy and all of the local communities in Texas.

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