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    Scroll Work

    Scroll Work Houston, TX

    Hand forged scroll work adds the finishing touch to a sturdy gate or decorative metal. We customize it to your needs and liking. Nothing looks more beautiful surrounding a distinctive home or an important business than security fencing with scrolls, loops, twists, decorative knuckles and other adornments. The designs you can make with wrought iron are far more delicate and precise than those you can make with other metals. The choice is almost limitless when you work with an experienced fabrication studio like us. Call now for a free estimate.

    Scroll Gates

    Scroll work turns a mere gate into a decorative highlight to your landscape. It tells trespassers to keep out with the strongest materials possible. At the same time, it adds incredible value to your property. Insurance companies often give discounts to homeowners with gates, window bars and fences. Scroll work can add to privacy and serve to keep people and animals out. And if you ever choose to sell, an attractive gate and fence system will be a definite asset.

    The basic design includes posts driven into the ground and vertical pickets in between. The pickets can be topped with finials or spear-like caps that will add style and help keep intruders out. Stabilizing rods run across the pickets at various levels, and they can be adorned with hand forged scroll work.

    If you want greater privacy for a wrought iron fence, we can add screens and covers that keep peering eyes away.

    If you are considering a pedestrian or driveway gate, we can add a manual lock or an automatic assembly with electronic access controls for ultimate convenience.

    Scroll Work for all Your Decorative Needs
    We don’t just do driveway gates and wrought iron fencing; we also can adorn your property with hand rails, stair rails, window guards or a spiral staircase. Bring us a design you have in mind or a picture from Pinterest. We will customize a design that suits the scale of your land, your windows or stairs. C-scrolls, S-scrolls and other styles add a fanciful quality that instantly adds beauty and value.

    Be secure, bold and different with fence and gate design from Architectural Fabricators.

    Wrought Iron Scroll Work

    Wrought iron fencing and railings are produced with steel that has a low carbon content to resist rust. The word “Wrought” means it is heated to high temperatures and then hammered, twisted and shaped in our fabrication shop. Cast iron comes in sheets that can be machine cut to make flowers, leaves and other broad, flat designs. The decorative elements can also be made out of brass or other materials. The entire design is then welded together using our precise techniques. We use computer assisted design (CAD renderings) to show you exactly what you will be getting before you approve the gate design.

    Wrought Iron Scroll Work Cypress, TX
    Attuned to Your Needs
    We are experts in this field and have been for 20 years. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and a Super Service Award winner on Angie’s List. That means zero complaints from our customers! Instead, we have exceeded expectations for design, service and professionalism. Call us for installation as well as:

    Repairs – Although our metals are the strongest you will find anywhere and are virtually maintenance free, the nature of iron means it can crack or break. Fortunately, the parts can be welded together easily and seamlessly, including hand forged scroll work.

    Replacement – If an accident causes damage to any part of the fence, railing or gate, we can easily replace it through safe and practiced welding. We also do emergency work.

    Painting – Painting protects iron and steel from the elements. It is cost effective, too. There is a precise technique to the paints and methods we use, and you can be confident turning this project over to us.

    Totally Customized Railings

    We can create your railings to your exact specifications including scrolls. Together we can create a work of outdoor art that will distinguish your home or business from the rest, lend a sense of importance, and keep it well protected. Contact us today and let’s discuss the hand forged scroll work you have been thinking about for your land or building.

    We create beautiful scroll work in Houston, Cypress, Katy and all of the surrounding areas in Texas.

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