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    Custom Gates

    Custom Gates Houston

    Custom gates combine strength and beauty to keep your property safe. If you make this kind of investment in your home or business, why not make it uniquely yours? We have the equipment and technique to handle all parts of your gates and fences, including access controls, wrought iron fencing and railings.

    First we will determine what type of gate you need. More and more people are choosing the convenience of an automatic gate, but manual lock-and-key types are economical and extremely durable if your use is light. Each is a work of art that will grace your property and keep unwanted intruders out.

    Quality Gate Design

    We can fabricate any custom style you like: Art Deco, vines, baskets and knuckles, C- and S-scrolls, lamb’s tongue and hand forged scroll work. Just give us a sketch and we will create something lasting and unique to your style. If you have always wanted to add dimension to your property and show off its unique architectural style, custom gates will make a statement like nothing else. As a manufacturer of custom gates, we can create any design you like. If you can sketch it on a piece of paper or show us a photograph, we can reproduce it. If you want your initials or logo on a medallion in the center, we can do that easily.

    Swing Gate – This type creates a sweeping entrance that makes a prestigious impression. They are best for wide open spaces and grand driveway entrances. Choose from single or double leaves, straight or arching tops.

    Sliding Gate – This is best for narrow driveways, steep slopes and utility entrances. They fit compactly, glide smoothly and fold behind one another.

    Automatic Custom Gates

    Electronic gates open and close at the touch of a keypad or remote. If you wish, add a telephone entry system or card reader. Today’s choices are very sophisticated, and we can install one that works for you and your family. We prefer BFT Access products for their longevity, surge protection abilities, and because they are American made. All of our automatic gate operators use the most reliable access and safety loops that use sensors any physical pressure. These mechanisms prevent premature closure of the panels that can cause accidents.

    You can have us install one of our custom gates with confidence because of our commitment to technical excellence and flawless service record on Angie’s List and the BBB.

    Quality Installation

    Your fencing and accesses will be created based on your unique layout and soil qualities. We will measure your land carefully to ensure the property line is exactly where it should be. We will check for underground utilities and make sure your new installation is safely located. And our technicians will look at the slope of the land. You can be sure your custom gates will stand tall and sturdy for decades.

    Custom Design Driveway Gate Cypress, TXIt starts with steel that is galvanized both inside and out to resist rust. And it includes our stay-strong post installation. Our well-trained technicians drive down the gate posts a full 5 feet to ensure ground movement is minimized. Our hinge posts are 12 inches in diameter and can handle the weight of the leaves. Your gate is designed to work perfectly every time through all types of weather and environmental conditions.

    Custom Gates Repair and Replacement

    We design our fencing and gates to be trouble-free, but any machine requires preventive maintenance. Also, we will be there for routine service, a check-up, replacement and repair including emergency service calls.

    Our company knows you want your custom gates to look their best at all times, so we carefully prime and paint them. We do not believe in using powder finishing because while they look great for about 5 years, they soon need expensive and messy sandblasting when the coating starts to go. We find repainting looks better, is much easier to fix, and is very economical.

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