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    Gate Design

    Gate Design Houston

    Many property owners want strong protection without institutional looks, so we can create a gate design that adds prestige. Hand forged scroll work and beautifully symmetrical designs are just part of our rail and gate artistry. From CAD designs to final painting, you will be glad you chose our fabrication team for your improvement project.

    Enhance your property with fence and gate design in Houston from our acclaimed team. Nothing is a stronger exterior safeguard. Wrought iron combines the heft of iron with the rust-resistance of galvanized steel. We source the best and paint it for long-lasting good looks. We can also create a total look on your home or business with:

    The Most Reliable Metals
    We are passionate about working with wrought iron and steel products that are galvanized inside and out by the factory. Nothing wears longer. Nothing is as difficult to break. With the proper maintenance, your pieces will last for a lifetime. Combine them with masonry columns and wood accents – we do it all.

    We start out by looking at the item you want to create, whether it is a gate, a fence or a type of railing. We will carefully measure the area and draw a perfectly proportioned gate design through computer animation (CAD design). Then we will fashion your gates, fence or railing in our shop. We use a combination of machines and our own hands to heat, hammer and twist the metal into your desired dimensions and looks.

    Custom Gates

    Do you want to protect the entrance to your property in the strongest way possible? Galvanized steel and wrought iron will do the job every time. And they can be shaped into scrolls, pickets, bars and hundreds of decorative gate design ideas. Whether automated or manual, our team installs panels that open and close smoothly every time. The fit will be perfect for the area you want to span. The design will be perfectly proportioned: neither oversized nor too delicate. You will get the security you want and the visibility you desire.

    Wrought Iron Fence Design

    Few fencing options look as elegant as wrought iron. It will stay stately and straight and properly spaced to keep intruders out and your kids and pets in. It is a time-honored choice for when you want to showcase your land and still keep it inaccessible. Made of galvanized steel with high iron content, the metal is hand-wrought just like the ironworks of old. We prime and paint ours for a look that will last for decades. When you choose paint, touch-ups and repainting every few years is easy, cost-effective and free of the mess that comes with powder-coating.

    Wrought Iron Gate Design Cypress, TX

    Artful Railings

    When you invest in a new gate design, echo the motif throughout the property with hand rails and stair rails. If you have a logo or crest, we can create it on any scale and weld it securely to the installation. If you value a total finished look and believe it’s important to enhance your architecture, our design team will exceed your expectations. Our hand forged scroll work graces some of the finest estates and homes in the area.

    If you already have iron railings on your steps, around your balcony, or below your windows and you want a new gate design to match, we can recreate the look beautifully. We have 20 years of experience designing and installing beautiful metal works. We work with only top-name gate operator manufacturers and repair them too.

    When you work with us, you work with a local team that can do it all: we are highly experienced fabricators, technicians and access control installers. Whether it’s an automatic driveway gate with a matching barrier around the yard, or masonry posts with wrought iron pickets, you have come to the right place. You will find we are responsive to your needs, easy to work with and emphasize quality in everything we do. Call now for a free estimate on gate design in Houston, Cypress, Katy and all nearby areas in Texas.

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