Frequently Asked Questions
+Do you do wood fences?

Yes, we do very nice cedar fences. We don’t do a lot of them, because we are not trying to build the cheapest one that we can. When we do build a wood fence, we use a clear or #1 grade cedar picket, 3 rail, with a base base board and usually a cedar top cap. We set our posts 3′ deep and prefer to stain or seal the fence in some fashion. A lot of our wood fences are decorative and we can do some really pretty fences. Some of our customers are looking for an inexpensive wood fence, we are building a quality fence that will last. Is our wood expensive? It seems that way until you see what kind of materials we use and how we build them. There are various grades and types of cedar, some Chinese cedar or upland cedar pickets we simply will not use. All of our wood gates have metal frames, because when know wood framed gates usually fall apart pretty quickly, plus this gives us the opportunity to put better hardware on your gate like ornamental locks and wrought iron windows.

+Are you members of the BBB?

Yes, and we carry an A rating with no complaints, which we are very proud of.

+What kind of warranties do you have?

None. We use the highest quality materials and best installation procedures. If there is any problem with your product with in the first year we generally fix it for free. If something has happened to damage the product we will look at it on a case by case basis. We want our customers to call us back, so we generally go above and beyond what is required. We have the BBB ratings to prove it! Of course, we service all gate operators under manufacturers warranty free of charge.

+Do you have general liability insurance?

Yes, we carry a million dollar policy.

+What gate operator do you use?

We use BFT gate operators, because they are made in the USA, and they just flat out work for a long time. All BFT gate operators come with the highest warranties, lightning protection, and battery back-up systems. The circuit boards are coated and can take direct water (although I don’t recommend it!), and they all run of direct 120 or 220 v. dc., which means you don’t have to change those batteries every 3 years!

+Why don’t you use powder coating?

Our first hand experience with powder coating was a rough one. Initially it was beautiful, but once it starts to chip off you cannot just paint over it, you have to have it sandblasted then you can finish it how you want. Our solution is to use galvanized steel that is primed and painted. Once the paint starts to fade, we offer a service where we will come out and repaint your fence or gate for a nominal fee. For most driveway gates, we charge just $150 to repaint them.

+How do you protect our exterior wood fences?

We highly recommend staining the fence, if not look forward to the grey. We use Sherwin Williams waterborne stains. They are an ecofriendly water based stain. Colors can be mixed and come in transparent, semi transparent, and opaque finishes.

+How do you coat are fences and gates?

We use galvanized steel tubing for all exterior projects. We then prime and paint the fence satin black. Other colors are available upon request. The only exception is anything that is hand forged is made of solid bar and cast iron ornaments, are well, cast iron.

+How deep do you set our Driveway gate hinge post?

All automatic driveway gate posts are set 5′ deep with a 12″ diameter pier. We have a tractor that makes quick work of these very deep holes.

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