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    Swing Gate

    Swing Gate Houston

    Keep your property safe with a driveway or entryway swing gate. In single or double panels, it sweeps open to allow the traffic you want – and keeps out intruders. Get the degree of security and privacy you want with our top quality installations.

    A swing gate in Houston is a great choice if you have enough clearance around it. Its panels, also known as leaves, swing on hinge posts located on either side of the entryway. Whether you choose one or two depends on many things: your taste, budget, and property layout. There are models for pedestrian use as well as driveways.

    Choose an Experienced Contractor

    No matter what type you are looking for, we have 20 years of experience installing, repairing and replacing them. Call now and let’s discuss your goals and options. We will ask you a lot of questions before we do an installation: What are the height and width of the vehicles you want to allow inside? Can it handle your boat, delivery trucks or an ambulance? If you have a large property, especially, these factors are very important for safety.

    Many Choices
    A driveway gate can be stand-alone or be set behind a fence or masonry pillars. If you want it to hang directly from the pillar, you can choose an articulated arm gate operator instead of the more common linear arm type.

    Single panel – One door is the easiest to install and the most affordable option for a security gate or a driveway. They generally come in widths of up to 16 feet. We can install one that matches your needs or create custom units.

    Dual panels – Having two leaves gives you more options. They can span up to 32 feet for a grand, elegant entrance on a driveway.

    Sloped Land Options
    Do you have a graded property? In cases where an upward slope is about one inch per foot of distance, we can install gates that swing toward the lower elevation. Or you can opt for an angled gate. Two panels are often the best choice for this purpose as less clearance is needed. We can custom-create one for you so it looks and operates just right.

    Rust-proof Metal
    We use factory-galvanized steel for our swing gate installations because it resists rust and holds up to the area’s punishing weather. We prime and paint ours instead of powder-coating because it makes for a more attractive appearance and it is easier to fix if gets damaged.

    Call us to discuss your metal design. Most picket varieties don’t offer much privacy but you can also choose a solid or mesh insert if you wish.

    Expert Installation

    Automatic metal swing gates are not a simple installation because they must bear a lot of weight and both sides must work in tandem. This is especially true when you’re dealing with today’s electronic gate operator systems. So we will never skimp on details.

    The metal posts that hold up the swing gate face constant weight and pressure. Because you can’t count on the soil to be stable, we use 12-inch diameter posts and set them a full 5 feet below ground and encase them with concrete. Some might call this overkill, but in our 20 years of experience, we find this works better than any other type of installation. We have even invested in a special machine to dig to the right depth.

    swing gate installation cypress, txWe can use adjustable swing gate hinges to ensure plumbness of the doors. The hinges can be moved if there is ground settling or movement. If yours is out of line, call us for swing gate replacement and repair.

    Safety Features

    If you want an automatic gate, we want to make it as easy and safe as possible. We take great care when installing underground safety loops and sensors to prevent accidents. We only use top brands that offer smooth movement and strong performance.

    Call us when you need a repair or new installation on your swing gate in Houston, Cypress, Katy and surrounding areas in Texas.

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