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    Driveway Gate

    Driveway Gate Houston

    Nothing says “Keep out” like a high quality driveway gate. We install custom driveway gates in Houston, specifically designed for your needs. And we build them to work perfectly and keep their looks. Driveway gates offer high-level privacy and protection for your home, vehicles and loved ones. Get a free evaluation of your property’s access and an estimate on this excellent home investment.

    Imagine the satisfaction and convenience of driving up to your land and opening an impressive barrier at the push of a button. Tall gates smoothly glide open, and then shut quietly once you’re completely inside. You no longer worry about intruders. And you can feel secure without getting out of your car in the rain and struggling with padlocks and keys.

    Our driveway gate options slide or swing open effortlessly with easy-to-use access controls. This keeps intruders out and lets your kids and pets enjoy the yard without concern.

    Built to Last
    A machine-driven driveway gate opens quietly and comes to a soft close. Because you don’t need force to open and close it, the assembly is less likely to be damaged over time. And appearance is important, too: we use only the finest galvanized metals that are designed not to rust, and wood doors that resist warping and cracking.

    Safety Features
    Manual gates and locks just aren’t as strong and protective. They are relatively easy for a burglar to force open. Iron electronic gates are so heavy and reinforced, they present too much of a challenge – even for a pro. If you wish, you can also add mechanical locks, lights and cameras as an added measure.

    Our installations also keep your family’s safety in mind. With today’s technology, you won’t have to stress about whether the driveway gate will close too soon and harm a child or damage a car. Our gate operators and safety loops will ensure reliable, smart performance every time. They sense when cars or people are near and won’t close completely unless the way is clear – similar to today’s automatic sensor-operated garage doors.

    Enhance Your Property
    Nothing makes a more stylish impression than pulling up to a graceful gate at the front of a property, and watching the doors open as if by magic. It looks and feels great. Your visitors and guests will appreciate this special touch and they will know right away that you care about your property. In addition, a driveway gate can:

    Increase your property value
    Improve overall appearance
    Possibly lower your insurance costs

    When you control who drives onto your property, you gain a sense of security like no other. Especially if you have acreage and can’t readily see who’s coming. A telephone entry system or a keypad can put you in command, as well as offer amazing convenience for your family and friends.

    Driveway Gate Installation Cypress, TX

    Custom Gates

    Every one of our driveway gates is made to order. We are experienced fabricators, which allows us to offer you both protection and beauty. Our wrought iron fence work will hold its value for many decades. Add hand forged scrollwork to personalize your installation with your initials or a special motif.

    Strength – We start with tubular steel that is galvanized inside and out for weatherproofing and access controls that will not fail or short out in wet conditions. We prefer the BFT line of automated products for their reliable track record.

    Beauty – We paint our finished products rather than using powder coatings. While the fencing will require occasional repainting, this is far better than sand-blasting off the baked on coatings when it chips. And we offer great deals on repainting.

    Reliability – Gates are designed to be low-maintenance, but like any other machinery, they need to be kept in good working condition. Let us handle it for as long as you own your fencing. We keep our installation, maintenance and repair costs affordable, so you will enjoy great looks and performance for many years.

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    We use only proven products and methods, and install them with care. You can’t get this kind of precision and technical skill with DIY kits or untrained help. When you want a professional job and guaranteed results, call the driveway gate company that has earned an A+ rating with the BBB and a Super Service Award from Angie’s List – Architectural Fabricators.

    Call us to repair or install your driveway gate in Houston, Cypress, Katy or any nearby area in Texas.

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