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    Automatic Gate

    Automatic Gate Houston

    Having an automatic gate in Houston is not only handy, it's a great safety feature. And you have many choices depending on your entry size and your budget. While it costs more than a padlock, many property owners believe it is one investment that is worth it. Call now and get a free estimate on a secure, attractive security gate.

    Keep Your Property Safe
    An automatic gate can make it very difficult for an intruder to get to your home and vehicle. They are available in many designs that are hard to climb. You will feel safe and assured knowing your property is protected in one of the most dependable ways possible.

    Architectural Fabricators uses only the best components for our electronic gates, from the galvanized steel and wrought iron fencing to the most advanced access controls on the market. We customize every project to your specifications, paying special attention to what fits best for your property, what will look attractive with your land and architecture, and what is the easiest for you to use.

    Durable Materials
    We use heavy-duty galvanized steel as the basis for all of our automatic gates. Whether these are embellished with scroll work, windows or other details, we find tubular steel that is galvanized inside and out works best.

    Choose from single or double gates that slide or a swing gate. The type you choose will depend on how wide the driveway or pedestrian entryway is, and how much clearance there is.

    Automatic Driveway Gates

    If your driveway is narrow or you can’t accommodate a swinging gate, a sliding type might be ideal for your driveway or pedestrian entryway. Whether you want a single or double gate, you will get expert installation and materials that are built to last. Ours have sealed ball bearing v-track wheels of galvanized steel and containment rollers. This makes for outstanding performance every time you open and close it.

    Swing Gate

    These are ideal for flat terrain or wide open spaces. All of our automatic swing gate options have hinge posts that are very sturdy and set deeply into the ground. The pier is a full 12 inches in diameter and the post is set 5 feet down into the ground, This helps make up for soil that is unstable – something you cannot always predict or correct. We drive our piers in to the ground with special machinery that ensures the proper depth and fit. We also use adjustable hinges to account for any unforeseen ground shifting.

    Automatic Gate Installation Cypress, TXChoose Your Access
    An automatic gate can be outfitted with a keypad, telephone entry systems and even wireless keypad options. All are convenient ways to get in and out. A keypad is a handy feature if you lose your remote, and a telephone works well in multi-family, commercial and large residential properties. We can advise you about the best type for your home.

    Gate Repair

    If you have an automatic gate that is having problems, we can trouble-shoot it and repair it for you. We install ours with the highest quality and integrity; however, because of moving parts, unpredictable soil conditions and other factors, gate repair is sometimes necessary. You can be sure we will be there when you need us.

    Beauty and Security
    Just the presence of security fencing is an excellent deterrent on its own, but it can also make an attractive statement about your property. We can customize your gate design with hand forged scrollwork, as well as construct adjacent masonry walls and wooden fencing. The effect is a total look that will add dignity and grace to your home.

    Customized Care
    Our automatic gate company has been in business since 2006 and is guided by the principle of customer service excellence. We know an electronic gate is an investment in your property, and create each installation with the customer’s needs in mind. We are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and have also earned the Angie’s List Super.

    Service Award.
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