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    Wireless Keypad

    A wireless keypad is an affordable, easy to install way of operating an automatic gate. It lets you know who wants to get inside your home – and allows them in with the touch of a button. Best of all, the system lets you move your access controls anywhere inside your home. Carry it around for ultimate convenience. Call now for a demonstration and excellent prices.

    Wireless Keypad HoustonThere are many options you need to consider before you select a wireless keypad, although they all basically operate the same way. They use long-life batteries and transmit radio signals to a receiver that tells the gate to open and close. This offers much more convenience than hard wired keypads, although some models have both for safety reasons. At Architectural Fabricators, our team can help you in selecting the model that is perfect for your needs.

    Number of Codes Required
    One of the most common mistakes people make is installing any hard wired or wireless keypad with a very limited code capacity. You need the ability to change it, sometimes often.

    Residential – Aside from immediate family, think about who may need a code now or in the future. Of course each household member will require a code, but think about who else may need to get in when you are not there. For example, consider the mailman, UPS or FedEx. How about your landscaper, lawn care, pool service, pest control, neighbor, other trusted friends?

    Business – A gate operator system needs to take into account the many people in multi-family dwellings or commercial buildings. How many employees work in each office and how many will there be as companies expand? Does the system have any expansion capabilities? Do you need proximity card access? How quickly can you deactivate a code if someone leaves for good?

    These and other pertinent questions are what we ask when finding the perfect wireless keypad for your home or facility. The wireless keypad types we install can give you five codes, 100, or more than 1,000.

    Audio or Video Identification

    A wireless keypad may be equipped with intercom capability and even visual communication. This allows you to have a positive identification of people who want to get inside the property. This capability is often integrated with the keypad in the form of a speaker, transmitter and small camera. If required, the system can also be designed to store all information for a period of time.

    Multiple Frequencies

    Many wireless keypad setups have the ability to roll frequencies, or change the frequency of the transmitter and receiver, frequently and at random. This security option is designed to prevent code grabbing. Code grabbing happens when someone is able to identify a frequency and sets up a listening device on the same frequency. The device picks up the tones of the code being entered and “grabs” it. Rolling the frequency prevents this. It is the kind of safety measure we will suggest to you if your property needs it.

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    Proximity Card Access

    A proximity card is a flat device that can be read by the wireless keypad simply by being close to it. These are fast replacing the magnetic swipe cards that were once the norm. Proximity cards can be provided to family members or employees so they can gain easy access without entering a code. The keypad can still use assigned codes that are entered manually.

    Party Mode
    This is an option where gate closure can be automatically overridden so it stays open. This is referred to as party mode because it will allow for a flow of guests to drive right in without the need to stop. Usually it used for homes, but it also has some commercial applications. In multifamily complexes, management might want to use it during an open house or property tour. Companies might use this function after hours for an invitational gathering.

    Range Options
    The range of a wireless or hardwired keypad is the distance the signal can travel to a receiver. These ranges can be as little as 100 feet to 1000 feet for large properties. If you also want hard wired keypad options, give us a call. We can customize an application just for you.

    There are many options to consider when selecting the right access controls for your automatic gate system. We have the experience to provide the perfect gate, controller and keypad combination for your home or business. After all, we have been installing gate operator systems for more than 20 years. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and a Super Service Award winner on Angie’s List. Give us a call for a free property protection consultation and estimate on a wireless keypad in Houston, Cypress, Katy and all nearby areas in Texas.

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