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    Gate Operator

    A gate operator is the heart of the automatic driveway access system. It is a complex assembly that has only two jobs: opening the security gate and closing it. It does this in response to a signal from access controls. They must work perfectly every time to avoid accidents. We’ve been installing and repairing them for more than 20 years with a perfect service record. We take your safety and security very seriously. Call now for a free demonstration and estimate.

    Gate Operator HoustonHow Does It Work?
    Simply put, a gate operator system takes its cue from underground access loops, which tell it if a car is within a certain distance of the gate. Its receiver also responds to a signal to open the gate from a transmitter inside the house or building. When a vehicle stops on the loop, the driver either enters a code on a keypad or calls on a phone line to request permission to enter. The electronic operator will open on command from the signal it receives. It will automatically close after the safety loops are cleared and a set amount of time has passed.

    Install the Best
    It is extremely important that your gate operator is durable and built to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. It also needs to stand up to Texas’ adverse weather conditions, including flooding and lightning. We provide you with the most rugged and long-lasting gate operators available. We have had great success with Liftmaster LA500 Access Controls.

    BFT openers are recognized for keeping up with advanced technology. They are equipped with a battery backup system in case of power failures. They also have built in lightning protection which safeguards the main circuit board from destruction by power surges. Replacing a circuit board is very costly and never covered under warranty because it is considered an “Act of God.” This brand is unique to the industry in providing lightning protection. Its circuit boards are also sealed against direct contact with water, even during a flood. Most important for you, they also have the best warranty in the industry.

    Imagine not having access to your home during a storm. That’s what can happen with controls that are strictly battery operated. The gate operator brand we use runs on standard 120v AC current, but the peripheral controls operate through a 24v transformer. This will prevent a drain on the batteries. We use them only as a backup. You are protected during bad weather or a power failure.

    automatic gate photoTypes of Opening Devices
    There are several different styles of motors and openers. The type we will suggest is based on your level of use, budget, the style of gate and the aesthetics you want. Each installation is matched to the gate according to the amount of load it needs to move. The different styles of gate operator systems include:

    Sliding – These move sideways to open and close.

    Swing gate – Gates that open like a door on a hinge may include a single leaf or two leaves depending on looks, budget and driveway width.

    Column mount operator- Small, low-profile openers are mounted to a column of a wall. They are ideal for places where a single or double driveway gate is located within a long wall or between pillars.

    Linear arm operator – These control the swing using an arm that attaches to the vertical surface next to the gate attachment. They provide a clean, incorporated appearance.

    Underground gate opener – This type is mounted completely below grade and is practically invisible. A small control arm discreetly extends above to the panels. If aesthetics are important to you, this type delivers!

    Whether you are protecting a home or industrial complex, Architectural Fabricators will provide you with the perfect combination of gate operator and access loops to provide security and beauty. For even greater protection, we also install top-quality 1,300 lb. magnetic locks by Locinox on our electronic gates.

    Our 20 years’ experience in access controls, as well as custom wrought iron fence installations, has made us a leader in the industry. Give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate on a gate operator in Houston, Cypress, Katy and all nearby areas in Texas.

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